The Chief Electoral Office in Delhi wrote to Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, urging the police force to take “strict action” against any political party and its workers found to be indulging in the registration of voters for post-election beneficiary-oriented schemes, officials at the poll body’s office said on Wednesday.

In the letter dated May 11, the poll body asked Mr. Arora to sensitise officers on the field as well as the district police to be “proactive and more vigilant” in curbing such unlawful activities. The letter was sent after the poll body’s Delhi office received complaints regarding certain political parties registering voters for post-election schemes under the garb of conducting surveys.

Voters were being asked to fill up forms manually or digitally to get the so-called benefits of these prospective schemes, the letter said.

“Complaints are being received against some political parties and their workers for registering the individuals for beneficiary-oriented schemes and distributing guarantee cards in the form of pamphlets giving details of prospective individual benefits along with an attached form asking for details of voters such as name, age, address, mobile number, booth number, constituency name and number,” read the letter issued by the Delhi Chief Clectoral Officer’s office to Mr. Arora.

Action is being undertaken by the authorities in the matter, added the poll body. “While action is being taken by the returning officers against such violations, you [Mr. Arora) are also requested to direct and sensitise the field functionaries and district police to be proactive and more vigilant to curb such unlawful activities, if any, in the area of their respective jurisdiction,” the letter said.

All Lok Sabha seats in Delhi will go to polls in the sixth phase of the ongoing election on May 25.