Andrea Riseborough in ‘To Leslie’

Andrea Riseborough in ‘To Leslie’

Award-winning German actor August Diehl and Oscar-nominated British actress Andrea Riseborough are set to portray the iconic composer Dmitri Shostakovich and his wife Nina in the upcoming biographical drama ‘The Noise of Time’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film, adapted from Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize-winning novel, will be helmed by acclaimed Polish director Jan Komasa, with the screenplay penned by two-time Oscar-winning writer Christopher Hampton.

Diehl, known for his roles in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘A Hidden Life’, will embody the complex persona of Shostakovich, while Riseborough, recognized for her performances in ‘Birdman’ and ‘To Leslie’ will take on the role of Nina, Shostakovich’s wife.’

The Noise of Time’ will delve into the tumultuous life of Shostakovich, starting from 1936 when the composer first faced the wrath of Stalin’s regime for his alleged counter-revolutionary opera .Despite escaping execution, Shostakovich grappled with the pressures of being a cultural figure under Soviet rule, all while striving to preserve the integrity of his music.

The project is backed by esteemed producers including Thomas Kufus of Zero One Film, Leszek Bodzak and Aneta Hickinbotham of Aurum Film, and Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey of Wildgaze Films based in London. Production is scheduled to commence in early 2025.

In addition to Diehl and Riseborough, the cast includes notable talents such as Domhnall Gleeson, who starred alongside Riseborough in the limited series ‘Alice And Jack’. Diehl himself is set to appear in other projects such as ‘Disappearance’, where he portrays Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, and ‘The Master and Margarita’, a literary adaptation.