BJP spokesperson Lanka Dinakar

BJP spokesperson Lanka Dinakar
| Photo Credit: File photo

BJP Andhra Pradesh unit chief spokesperson Lanka Dinakar has alleged that the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), like the Congress, is trying to appease the Muslims by “unleashing a fake news campaign” against the BJP.

“The Congress is known for its appeasement politics and the YSRCP now has stepped into its shoes. The Congress has lost the faith of the people due to its vote-bank politics on religious lines. The YSRCP too is bound to meet a similar fate,” Mr. Dinakar said in a press release on April 10 (Wedneaday).  

The YSRCP circulated a fake news report through its social media handlers that BJP State president Daggubati Purandeswari had expressed her resolve to cancel reservations for the Muslims, he alleged, describing it as a “conspiracy by the YSRCP to win the elections by hook or crook.”

This fake news campaign was aimed at damaging the image of Ms. Purandeswari, the BJP candidate for the Rajahmahendravaram Lok Sabha constituency, he said.  

The fake news reports were intended to “incite religious hatred” against Ms. Purandeswari and to project the BJP as a “sworn enemy of the minorities”, he added.