A few CCTV cameras at Madurai Medical College where the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used in Madurai Lok Sabha Constituency for polling on April 19 were stored in the strong rooms stopped functioning on Wednesday evening. 

District Collector M. S. Sangeetha who along with City Police Commissioner J. Loganathan visited the strong room following the CCTV dysfunction alert, in a press release, stated that the problem was due to the sudden rain that lashed in the evening. 

However, she said, CCTVs installed specifically for monitoring the strong rooms were functioning perfectly, it was only the other cameras which had stopped due to some technical problem. 

The dysfunctional CCTVs were repaired and the representatives of the candidates were able to monitor the strong room, the release said.  

She added, the contractors were instructed to prevent such occurrences in the coming days.