Chris Hemsworth said Marvel films brought audiences to theatres.  (Photo Credits: X)

Chris Hemsworth said Marvel films brought audiences to theatres. (Photo Credits: X)

Directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola in previous interviews criticised the concept of Marvel films, leaving Chris Hemsworth upset.

Chris Hemsworth’s last appearance as the iconic Thor might be in the 2022 film Love and Thunder, but let’s agree we all want more of him. Starting in 2011, Chris played Thor for the first time and since then, it has become an integral part of his career. From teaming up with the Avengers to save the earth to finding his love and meeting with tragedies like losing his friends, mother, brother and father, and even watching his home Asgard get destroyed, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has come a long way. As the character holds a very special place in his heart, the actor also seems in no mood to accept the criticism about Marvel films.

In a recent interview, Chris Hemsworth came out in defense of Marvel films, particularly rejecting the views of directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.

Chris Hemsworth Unhappy With Marvel Criticism

While talking to The Times of London, the Furiosa actor opened up about the comments made by the directors. Notably, while Scorsese once described Marvel films as “theme parks” and not real films, Coppola took it further by calling them a “prototype movie which is made over and over again”.

In response to these, Hemsworth said, “It felt harsh. And it bothers me, especially from heroes. It was an eye-roll for me—people bashing the superhero space. Those guys had films that didn’t work either—we all have. When they talked about what was wrong with superheroes, I thought, Cool, tell that to the billions who watch them. Were they all wrong?”

He further argued how superhero films have managed to keep people back in theatres, especially during the transition from theatres to smartphones and OTTs, adding that they need a “little more appreciation.”

The star also spoke about the actors who have appeared in the MCU films but later criticised them. Without mentioning any names, Chris recalled how some of them, who wished to work in such successful superhero films, bashed them after their own projects didn’t work. “Look, I grew up on a soap opera. And it used to bother me when actors would later talk about the show with guilt or shame. Humility goes a long way,” he added.

Chris Hemsworth is presently busy with the promotion of his upcoming film, Furiosa: A Max Max Saga, also featuring Anya Taylor-Joy. Ahead of its theatrical release, the film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.