Fake Quote Of Naseeruddin Shah On PM Modi, Kangana Ranaut Goes Viral

An online post about BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut has been falsely attributed to veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, found a fact-check.


Kangana Ranaut has problems with every actor except Narendra Modi, says veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah.


Newschecker first ran a keyword search for the viral quote, which did not lead us to any credible news reports or records of such a statement by the actor.

A further search led us to the earliest instance of this quote, posted by a parody Twitter account, @naseruddin_shah, on February 9, 2021. We found that the account does not exist anymore.

Newschecker then learnt that this particular fake Twitter account of the actor had been called out by multiple media outlets in February 2021, seen here, here, and here, for spreading misinformation regarding the farmers’ protests between January and February 2021.

“Veteran actor Ratna Pathak Shah on Monday clarified that her husband, actor Naseeruddin Shah does not have a Twitter account, after an unverified profile in his name posted a series of tweets about the ongoing farmers agitation on the microblogging site,” read an NDTV report, dated February 8, 2021.

Result: False

(This story was originally published by NewsChecker, and republished by NDTV as part of the Shakti Collective)