Sharmin and Indresh play Alamzeb and Ustadji respectively.

Sharmin and Indresh play Alamzeb and Ustadji respectively.

Indresh Malik recalled the fun moments he had with Sharmin Segal on Heeramandi set.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar has been several years in the making. As per reports, Bhansali took around three years to make the series. In these years, the cast of the series grew closer and shared several memories together. Indresh Malik, who plays Ustadji on the show, recently opened up about his memories with Sharmin Segal, who plays Alamzeb.

In a clip which has now gone viral on Reddit, Indresh said, “Sharmin ke saath toh maine bohot masti maari hai. Hum log sabzi aur fruits ko leke baatein karte the ki chal aam se baat karenge ki tujhe kal khayenge, tu pak jayega… Humari director sunn rahi hoti thi humari awaaz ki pagal kya baatein kar rahe hain (I have a lot of fun with Sharmin. We would talk to vegetables and fruits like we’d tell a mango that we’ll it tomorrow when it is ripe. Our director would think that we are crazy).”

He added, “Hum shimla mirch ke colours ko lekar baat karte the ki green shimla mirch acchi wali hoti hai, yellow thodi jealous hoti hai aur red wali angry hoti hai. (We would talk about the colours of bell peppers that green is good, yellow is jealous and red is angry). We would talk about vegetables and fruits, talking to them. I do that, I talk to my vegetables and fruits.”

Indresh Malik has been receiving a lot of praise for his character in the series. Talking about playing the character of Ustadji, who is queer, Malik said he was interested in the role because it seemed challenging. He also mentioned that he felt it was perfect for him from the start. “That character has all sorts of emotions. As soon as I got a call from the casting department, I responded that it’s made for me,” he told Bollywood Now.

He also remembered a funny moment on set with Sonakshi Sinha in the same interview. In one scene, she had to hold his head with her legs. Her mother, Poonam Sinha, was there, which made him feel a bit shy. But Sonakshi made him feel comfortable. “During one scene, Sonakshi ji had to grab my head with her legs. Her mother Poonam Sinha ji was also present, which made me a bit self-conscious. However, Sonakshi reassured me. She told me not to be conscious, asked me to relax, made me comfortable, and said she will do the necessary. I have such lovely memories from the show’s set,” Malik said.