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Jonathan Nolan has co-created Fallout.

Jonathan Nolan has co-created Fallout.

Jonathan Nolan sat down for an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha to talk about his upcoming series, Fallout.

Jonathan Nolan is all set to roll out his new series, Fallout. The filmmaker has co-created this series with Lisa Joy. The series, set to release on Amazon Prime Video this week, is an adaptation of the popular video game of the same name. Given the vast world that the video game has established over the years, the makers are bound to face a few challenges. In an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha, Jonathan weighed in on one of the biggest challenge he faced adapting the detailed experiences that the video game presents onto the series.

“The scale of the world was enourmously challenging. One of the hallmarkings of the game is you get to explore the world, you literally get to pick up every object and look at it, every book, journal, comic book on the desk, you can pick it up and read it for the most parts and capturing that feeling of the world in a series was a huge challenge. Luckily we had an incredibly talented cast and crew who (captured the essence of the video game),” he told us.

Everytime a popular video game or even a comic book character is adapted for the screen, there is an immense pressure from the fandom to deliver. The moment the casting is announced, the fandoms dived into discussions and there is an enourmous pressure from them on the makers. When we asked Jonathan about the pressure from the Fallout fandom, he said that he approached the series like a fan as well.

“The only way to approach the material (like Fallout) is to approach it like a fan and not to try to guess what the fans are going to like or course correct because of it,” he said. Giving an example of the casting decisions made during the Batman movies aka The Dark Knight series he made with Christopher Nolan, Jonathan said that he has seen the criticism that casting decision gets if a fan favourite is not picked. He noted that eventually, when people do end up watching it and it falls in place.

“If you’ve made something with love, with respect, it shows in the finished product,” he said, adding that the team has made the show with a lot of love. “I hope the fans love it, it is made with for everybody, it is a big show and we really want people who never touched the games to enjoy the experience as well,” he said.

Fallout is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on April 11.