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Jonathan Nolan talks about Bollywood.

Jonathan Nolan talks about Bollywood.

International filmmaker Jonathan Nolan praised Bollywood for their action scenes. He expressed his wish to direct an action sequence in a Bollywood film.

Jonathan Nolan is eyeing Bollywood and how! The filmmaker, who is set to roll out his new series Fallout on Amazon Prime Video this week, sat down for an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha and spoke about Bollywood. The filmmaker confessed that he dreams of being on a Bollywood film set in Mumbai and direct an action sequence some day. The filmmaker also praised the action sequences shown in Indian films.

“I want to (direct) action in a Bollywood movie,” Jonathan told us. When Fallout actress Ella Purnell teased that he wants to act in Bollywood films, Jonathan joked, “I can dance, I can sing…” He then added, “For me, action in Bollywood movies is the best action in the world, it is my favourite thing so getting a chance sit in a set here, in Mumbai and watch them film practical action (scenes) would be a dream.”

Although he is impressed with the film industries in India, Jonathan confessed he has not had time to catch up on Indian films in the recent months. “The last one was RRR which is of course… That really broke through North America as well, it is an extraordinary movie,” Jonathan added.

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Meanwhile, Jonathan’s Fallout is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on April 11. Jonathan had previously revealed that when Fallout 3 was released, he got addicted to the game, so much so that it affected his work. Ask him if he always intended to adapt the game, Jonathan joked that this is his way of ‘payback’. He then got serious and said that he met the video game creator a few years ago and both wanted to work with each other. Eventually, it all fell into place.

“From the beginning we knew we were going to make a series in the Fallout universe, honouring and connecting to the lore of all the games. But one of the things that I thought was so exciting about Fallout as an adaptation was that every set of characters had different settings but they’re all connecting and there’s a larger mythology, which for us as makers was an incredible opportunity to play with these beautiful worlds but tell an original story,” he explained.