The Celebration Tour marks Madonna’s 40 years in the music industry. (Photo Credits: Instgaram)

The Celebration Tour marks Madonna’s 40 years in the music industry. (Photo Credits: Instgaram)

The concert-goers at Madonna’s Celebration Tour in Rio De Janeiro’s Copacabana beach, Brazil enjoyed the amazing display of changing lights and blaring music.

Madonna has arguably given fans the best gift they could have asked for. The legendary singer-songwriter treated the masses to an electric performance for free at the Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The 65-year-old kickstarted her much-anticipated Celebration Tour last year in London on October 14. The concert was special because it marked Madonna’s 40 years in the music industry. After entertaining everyone with her powerful on-stage performances, she wrapped up the Tour on May 4. Her final stop at the Copacabana beach drew in a massive influx of over 1.6 million concert-goers, making the glittery night a historic celebration of music.

The videos and pictures from the concert circulating on social media captured a huge crowd at the Copacabana beach, witnessing Madonna perform. The spectators enjoyed the amazing display of changing lights, blaring music and the pop star lending her vocals to her iconic hits including Vogue and Like A Prayer. “Here we are in the most beautiful place in the world. This place is magic,” addressed Madonna to the frenzied crowd, as quoted by The Guardian.

As per the data obtained by the city officials, more than 1.6 million people showed up at the Madonna concert. While some witnessed the grand musical fest from their brightly lit apartments, others watched the extravaganza from their hotels, overlooking the beach. Some even experienced the once-in-a-lifetime show from sailboats and motorboats anchoring nearby, cited The Guardian.

From singing her classic tracks to executing a rapid change of costumes, Madonna left no stone unturned to make the Saturday night memorable for her admirers. Giant screens and around 18 sound towers marked the premises so that the audience standing from any corner of the place could rejoice in the event, reported The Guardian. Madonna began her performance by delivering her 1998 earworm Nothing Really Matters, eliciting a euphoric response from the crowd. She also paid tribute to “all the bright lights” who lost their lives to Aids with the Live To Tell song.

Last year in June, Madonna was found unconscious in her apartment in New York, reported Page Six. After she was rushed to the hospital, the doctors explained that she “developed a serious bacterial infection”. But the songstress made a roaring comeback through her Celebration Tour, offering fans 80 shows across Europe and North America.