Microsoft Techie's Tips For Job Seekers Amid IIT-Bombay Placement Struggles: ''Be Ready To Adapt''

He advised students to get a job at whatever the best salary they can get

Amid poor IIT-Bombay placement statistics, a Microsoft employee shared a piece of advice and a few tips for job seekers from tier-3 colleges. Admitting that the economy is tough and the number of aspirational jobs in India is limited, he asked engineering students to be ready to adapt and learn new skills

”Everyone is talking about IIT Bombay’s placement statistics. But these are just 2000 students. We should be worried about ten lakh+ students who will be graduating this year. IIT Bombay students will somehow find them in a job and a lot of companies will be ready to roll out offers to them. But what about students from tier-3 colleges Who constitute the majority of the engineering students,” wrote Nishant Chahar on LinkedIn.

He notes that while skills are important in becoming proficient, they may not necessarily solve the problem of unemployment. 

He advised students to get a job at whatever the best salary they can get, rather than ”running blindly” after FAANG, remote, or other types of jobs. FAANG here refers to companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet (Google).

”Don’t run blindly for FAANG, Remote or any kind of jobs. The economy is tough, so you had better be ready to adapt. Then, after getting into the industry, you’ll get ample opportunities to switch, and it gets a little easier with experience. Do your best, learn skills, and your efforts will pay off,” he wrote. 

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Reacting to his post, one user wrote, ”You are right as instead of going for FAANG companies one should find a Job first and may switch it later as placements are very uncertain in today’s world. If IITs are having such situations then the conditions of placements at tier 3 colleges are even worse.”

Another commented, ”It’s interesting to hear your perspective on the hype around IIT Bombay. It’s important to remember that many students are graduating this year, not just from top-tier colleges. Focusing on gaining skills and finding the best job opportunity available is key in today’s tough economy. Keep up the great insights!”

A third said, ”It’s really very hard to mentally adapt the things going on in tech industry right now as a first year grad, but will keep a hope that efforts will definitely pay off.”

A fourth added, ”To get more opportunities, first we have to be a part of the industry .”