Madonna's mother passed away at the age of 30. (Image Credits: Instagram/madonna)

Madonna’s mother passed away at the age of 30. (Image Credits: Instagram/madonna)

Paying a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, Madonna penned a lengthy note on Instagram.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, is known for her bold styles, boundary-pushing music videos and also her cultural artistry. Rare are the times when Madonna reveals her emotional side to fans and this was one such moment. The 65-year-old recently took a moment to reminisce about her late mother in an emotional post on Instagram. On Mother’s Day, Madonna remembered her mum, who tragically passed away at the young age of 30 in 1963.

In a long, yet heartbreaking note, Madonna recalled how her mother waved her goodbye from the hospital window, mentioning that it was the last time she saw her alive. “Nobody told me my mother was dying – I just watched her disintegrate mysteriously and then she disappeared and there was no explanation except that she had gone to sleep which explains My Tumultuous relationship with sleep,” she wrote further.

Madonna also shared her feelings as a mother, stating that seeing her kids sleep under one roof is “rare and comforting.”

“When I stepped out on the stage and looked up at my mother’s face every night, I said hello, I said goodbye, I said Thank you, I hope you’re proud of me. I said Please protect me and keep me sane,” the singer added.

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Along with the note, Madonna also shared a couple of pictures, including one shot of her on stage during the Celebration show, where a large portrait of her mother flashed on the screen, leaving her emotional.

Besides speaking about her mother, Madonna also shared how she got very close to her children during the tour shows. “I became very close to my children on this tour. We clung to each other. In the long hours, we worked and struggled. They helped me manifest my dreams. In the chaos and the storms the monotony and repetition. The sleepless nights and the endless. Packing and unpacking. All the sacrifices. We made together,” she continued.

Notably, the post comes just a few days after Madonna wrapped up her Celebration tour, shattering records with her shows. Her Rio de Janeiro event saw a footfall of more than 1.6 million fans.