Preity Zinta previously dated Lars Kjeldsen. Jennifer Lopez fangirled after Dev Patel.

Preity Zinta previously dated Lars Kjeldsen. Jennifer Lopez fangirled after Dev Patel.

Suchitra Pillai revealed that her husband Lars Kjeldsen dated Preity Zinta. Jennifer Lopez talked about his favourite Indian star Dev Patel.

Suchitra Pillai is well-known for playing Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend in Dil Chahta Hai. The film also starred Preity Zinta in a key role, with whom Suchitra shares a special connection. Suchitra recently revealed that her husband, Lars Kjeldsen, used to date Preity Zinta. However, she also clarified that they did not break up because of her. Suchitra also recalled the time when she was called a boyfriend snatcher.

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Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of actor Dev Patel. She opened up about her love for the actor in an exclusive interview with News18. She confessed she admires his work and enjoys his films. JLo fangirled over the actor while speaking about her upcoming sci-fi thriller titled Atlas, set to release on Netflix on May 24, 2024. The actor-singer is joined by Simu Liu and Golden Globe-winner, Sterling K. Brown, in supporting roles.

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According to a report in Pinkvilla, several reports claimed that GV Prakash and Saindhavi have parted ways and are heading for a divorce. The reports also stated that the reason for this split is due to a ‘differences of opinion’ between them. However, there has been no official confirmation on the same.

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Urfi Javed has gone bald? This question has been on everyone’s minds since the actress dropped a selfie from her car on Monday, May 13. The selfie featured the actress in a bald avatar, leaving fans shocked. But has Urfi Javed really gone bald?

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Despite coming from a well-known film family, actor Sanjay Kapoor has faced many challenges in his career. He was launched into the industry by his brother, producer Boney Kapoor, with a lead role in Prem (1995), but soon struggled to find success. While he starred in some big projects, his career didn’t take off as expected, and he mainly got offered small roles from a few directors. Recently, Sanjay Kapoor talked about his career journey, recalling how his brother Boney didn’t offer him roles during his tough times.

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