Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal are set to welcome their firstborn in July.

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal are set to welcome their firstborn in July.

Richa Chadha details her first reaction when she learnt about her pregnancy. She also reveals resorting to true crime content to beat pregnancy exhaustion.

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal took to Instagram and announced that they’re expecting their first baby in February this year. Richa is already in her trimester and is all set to give birth in July. However, she hasn’t let the pangs of impending motherhood get to her yet. In fact, she had an unusual first reaction when she learnt that she’s pregnant and it took her a few days to finally process the news.

In an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha, she says, “I immediately went into planning mode. I started thinking about how we have to push this film we’re producing from March to October and if the season and the light will match with the mood of the film. I also thought about relocating things around the house to make space. My thoughts were all very practical. My pregnancy hit me properly only after a week.”

At the present, Richa is riding high on the success of Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Ali, on the other hand, is in Delhi, shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Tamil action-drama Thug Life along with Kamal Haasan. Needless to say, the couple hasn’t had the chance to sit down and discuss their life post the arrival of their baby.

The 37-year-old states, “We haven’t discussed names yet! We haven’t had the time. I was so busy with Heeramandi and some production work before that. And Ali has been shooting non-stop. We’re looking forward to finding some time for ourselves soon and that will be a good time to reset and look at the home environment.”

Richa goes on to share that she has been taking her pregnancy rather well and is ‘pretty chill’ about it. And she has found a great way to relax herself through the exhaustion. Talking about it, she says, “I’m not nervous at all. I’m still working every day. I want to continue to be chill. I think we make a big deal out of it, especially today. Women are told what to do and what to watch when they’re pregnant. I’m enjoying watching true crime at this point.”

She continues, “Why shouldn’t I? They say that women who watch true crime to relax are psychotic. There was a stupid article about it. This is done just to reinforce notions of extreme nurturing and care and gender roles, which I think will collapse in a few years. To assume that it comes naturally to us is a bit stupid. If I want to watch horror or true crime, I will. I think sometimes we need to watch somethings that give a voice to our repressed emotions, rage and unarticulated everyday stress that we don’t even realise we have.”

However, the one thing that she has been intentionally staying away from during this time is social media. “I’ve been away from social media. That’s the one thing I’m consciously trying to do now. I only do what’s necessary right now because social media is something that can really suck you in,” she remarks.