Shah Rukh Khan is a global star.

Shah Rukh Khan is a global star.

Fans are thrilled as Shah Rukh Khan receives special recognition in Interview With The Vampire 2 series.

American gothic horror TV series Interview With the Vampire Season 2 is ready to entertain you, but the focus isn’t on the blood-soaked drama. Rather, it’s about SRK fans going gaga over the mention of the superstar’s name in the show. It has been evident, time and time again, that Shah Rukh Khan is not just the biggest celebrity in Bollywood but also a worldwide phenomenon, a wave and an era unto himself. The viral clip from the show depicts a character casually delivering a bombshell dialogue.

In that scene, Daniel Molloy, played by Eric Bogosian, makes a playful statement about Shah Rukh Khan. He quips to the butler, ”I’m sorry, this is so weird. Where did they send you when Shah Rukh Khan, over here was playing you?”

He was alluding to Armand, the role played by Assad Zaman, who was seated across from him at the table. Now that the footage has gone viral on social media sites, SRK fans can’t help but digitally scream with joy.

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What Is The Show About?

The television series, an exceptional adaptation of Anne Rice’s 1976 book of the same name, follows an intense romance between vampire maker Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) and the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson).

However, under the direction of showrunner Rolin Jones, Interview With the Vampire managed to preserve the Gothic romanticism of the narrative while distinguishing itself from both Rice’s original and the 1994 film version.

In season 2, Louis continues to tell his life narrative to journalist Molloy in present-day 2022, recalling the events immediately after his and Claudia’s (Delainey Hayles) attempted murder of Lestat in 1940.

Louis and Claudia are eager to leave New Orleans behind and start again, so they travel to Paris with the intention of finding Old World Vampires. Their quest proves to be quite successful when they discover the Theatre Des Vampires, a vampire-run theatre.

Louis, however, first meets Armand and becomes enamoured with him. After being introduced to both vampirism and homosexuality by the same man, Louis now has to consider what both lifestyles could entail.

As Louis and Armand show Molloy that they are a happily ever after, cracks in their facade become apparent when they open themselves to an outsider.