Changbin said that meeting Chris Hemsworth was a precious experience. (Photo Credits: X/@TommyHilfiger

Changbin said that meeting Chris Hemsworth was a precious experience. (Photo Credits: X/@TommyHilfiger

Changbin revealed that Chris Hemsworth was a “tall and huge” person in real life who lifted the rapper in his arms easily. He added that the rest of the Stray Kids members also met the Thor star.

It was a cherished moment for South Korean boyband Stray Kids, who made their debut appearance at one of the most extravagant fashion events — the Met Gala 2024 on May 6. All nine members — Hyunjin, Felix, Lee Know, Bang Chan, IN, Han, Seungmin, Changbin and Kim Woojin were dressed in suave Tommy Hilfiger suits. While it was a moment of pride for the K-pop group, the event was all the more special for the team’s main rapper Changbin. The 24-year-old enjoyed a fanboy moment with none other than Chris Hemsworth who was also in attendance. Changbin shared his brief encounter with the Thor star with fans.

On the JYP fan and idol application Bubble, Changbin revealed that meeting Chris Hemsworth in person was a “really precious experience”. “I was the most successful fan of all the successful fans out there. It’s incredible that it wasn’t a dream.” he said as quoted by Koreaboo. Changbin continued that Hemsworth was true to his Thor character in terms of power and strength. The rapper disclosed that the Hollywood star lifted him with ease, carrying him in his arms. “He lifted and carried me so easily. He is also super tall. He is huge,” Changbin said.

To conclude, Changbin expressed his gratitude to his boyband and the fans of Stray Kids aka STAYs for making his dream come true. “All of this has been made possible thanks to you all who make me Changbin of Stray Kids. Thank you, Stray Kids, and thank you STAY,” he wrote, as quoted by Koreaboo. He asserted that the rest of his group members also met Chris Hemsworth.

When Changbin shared his meet-and-greet with Chris Hemsworth, STAYs started clamouring for a picture of the two celebrities together on X (formerly Twitter). “I would commit treason for a picture of Chris Hemsworth carrying Changbin,” commented one individual. “I bet this was a life-changing, universe-altering experience for him (Changbin),” wrote another. “Changbin getting lifted by Chris Hemsworth realizing he’s just checked off everything on his celebrity bucket list,” noted a third fan.

Ahead of this year’s Met Gala, Stray Kids fans were eager to witness Bang Chan’s interaction with his Hollywood friend Ryan Reynolds. However, the Deadpool star skipped the event due to familial reasons.