Supritha Naidu is actress Surekha Vani's daughter.

Supritha Naidu is actress Surekha Vani’s daughter.

Supritha Naidu is seen wearing a golden choker teamed up with a golden nose pin with her lehenga.

Supritha Naidu is an active name in the world of social media. She is famous for posting sneak peeks from her personal life on Instagram. She has created a name with her in-vogue fashion style.

Recently, the photos she posted on Instagram created a massive buzz among the fans. In the photos, she is seen wearing an elegant blue floral lehenga teamed up with light makeup and glittering eye-shadow. She was seen wearing a golden choker teamed up with a golden nose pin and a gold Tikli. She posed in front of the camera with an elegant smile. She captioned the post “She is a queen! Her soul is royalty!” Fans were left amazed by her looks. Several users showered their love with heart emojis.

She also posted a video wearing the same attire. In the video, she was seen flaunting her looks and the lehenga she wore. She captioned the post “Crown yourself. From the post, it is evident that the shoot was part of a brand endorsement. According to her post, the attire that was worn by the famous social media star was sponsored by Anika Designs while the hairstyling was done by Hemanthi Makeovers.

Recently, other pictures of hers went viral on the internet where she was seen wearing a floral white dress while posing with a wine glass in her hand standing by the beach. The picture surfaced on various social media platforms garnering over 55 thousand likes.

Supritha Naidu is the daughter of famous Telugu actress Surekha Vani. Surekha worked in popular films like Aaradugula Bullet, alongside Gopichand and Nayanthara. She also worked alongside Shravan Reddy and Ruhani Sharma in Dirty Hari which earned her massive fame and popularity.