Taapsee Pannu got married to Mathias Boe last month.

Taapsee Pannu got married to Mathias Boe last month.

Taapsee Pannu got married last month in a secret wedding ceremony. The actress now sheds light on the reason behind the intimate ceremony.

Taapsee Pannu has confirmed that she has married her longtime boyfriend Mithias Boe in an intimate wedding ceremony. News18 was the first one to reveal that Taapsee has tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony and only close family and friends were invited. Last week, a couple of videos from her wedding ceremony had surfaced online, showing Taapsee decked up as a bride. Now, in her first interview after her wedding, Taapsee confirmed that she is now married but doesn’t want to share the photos with her fans.

“I’m not sure if I want to open my personal life to the kind of scrutiny that happens. I’ve signed up for this, not my partner or the people who were at the wedding. That’s why I’ve kept it to myself. Intention was never to keep it a secret; I just didn’t want to make it a public affair, because then I’ll start getting worried about how it is perceived. That’s why I have no plans for a release of any kind, and don’t think I’m mentally prepared for that right now. I knew people who were there, they wanted to be there for me and were not present to judge, that’s why I was pretty relaxed,” Taapsee told Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, her sister, Shagun Pannu revealed she planned the wedding ceremony. Shagun, who is a wedding designer, said she took care of the whole ceremony so that her sister could enjoy her wedding. “Taapsee wasn’t a bridezilla at all. She left everything to me in terms of the wedding planning. She just wanted to have a good time. The gathering was also limited, so Taapsee didn’t have to worry about anything,” Shagun told the publication.

Taapsee and Mathias first met in 2013 at the inauguration ceremony of the Indian Badminton League, where they struck up a friendship that eventually blossomed into love. Despite their busy schedules, the couple has managed to keep their relationship strong and away from the limelight, culminating in their beautiful wedding ceremony this year.