Former India captain Ravi Shastri has been uploading a series of his pictures in bathrobe on social media and the internet is reacting to it with a lot of interest. In one of the pictures, Shastri could be seen hiding his face from a towel. “Your girl doesn’t need to see my face to know it’s me,” was the caption of the post from Shastri. “Ravi Bhai kya ho gya aaj (Ravi brother, what happened to you today?),” wrote a user. Meanwhile, other users also shared memes to make fun of the post by Shastri.

See it all here:

Meanwhile, Shastri shared other photos too in bathrobe.

Shastri, however, later revealed the reason behind such posts. It was for a promotional ad, the video of which he shared through his social media handle.

Ravi Shastri, also a former India head coach, recently shared his opinion regarding the Mumbai Indians captaincy change saga and the harsh treatment of Hardik Pandya by the fans. Shastri felt that backlash towards Hardik Pandya could have been avoided had MI shown “clarity in communication” while announcing him as captain.

Shastri also advised Pandya to stay calm and weather the storm with solid performances.

“This is not the Indian cricket team that’s playing. This is franchise cricket. They have paid top dollar. They are the bosses. It’s their entitlement as to who they want as captain. Okay, where I think this could have been handled better was with more clarity in communication,” Shastri said told Star Sports’ ‘Cricket Live Show’.

“If you wanted Hardik Pandya as captain, then say that we are looking at the future. We are looking to build. Rohit has done a fabulous job, as everyone knows, and we want him to help out Hardik in these next three years as the team progresses.

“At the end of the day, nothing beats results. You win matches, and things will change. There’s a lot of bull crap out there as well. You know, and some of the stories are just planted. A lot of it is just planted on other people’s names, including my name,” he added.

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